Video Games Live

I love music, I play the trumpet, and sing. I love acting and the arts. Something that really lifts my spirits is live music. The symphony, the theater, concerts… As a chiropractor one of my niche group of patients is musicians. I love to treat them, and they all need me. I’ve already talked about repetitive stress injuries. Most musicians know about repetitive stress, and fear it.

I also love computer games. World of Warcraft is one of my favorite games ever. (Lvl 70 Warlock for the Horde!) Gamers and computer programmers also need chiropractic work.

Tour Image

This clip just blends some of my favorite things. There is a great company called video games live. I found out about them too late to see them when they came to Salt Lake City. I hope they come back I’d love to see this live. In the mean time enjoy the clip.

OK, I’m not getting the video to work, so here’s the link.

I’m sure you can also find plenty more at You Tube.


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