Link Baiting

I recently read an article about link baiting. It doesn’t seem ethical to me to really do the big stuff, but it interested me enough to try it. Basically the idea is that you put big names such as

Britney Spears or Barack Obama

or popular topics such as the current rice shortage in your post or on your web page, just so that it shows up more often in google searches. In getting higher rankings essentially you can improve the number of hits you get. So in other words it’s easier to stay at the top than to get there. This is a way to get you there quick supposedly.

I don’t think that I would try it on my business website in that way, but I imagine if I have interesting stories…perhaps like a latest news link to interesting chiropractic topics. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

In other news, I said that I would let you know my progress on working with performance artists such as the actors in


Wicked, the Musical

Wicked, the Musical

I may be making some progress. I have talked with and been given permission to send a packet to both the Utah symphony, and Opera. If things work out I may be able to go up there one day a week and treat them, as well as treat those who commute from down here on a regular basis. Lots of exciting things to look forward to. If I can just get through right now.

(How’d I do?)


One thought on “Link Baiting

  1. Amy

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for stopping by my site on repetitive stress injury and commenting on how chiropractic work can help people with chronic overuse injuries.
    As a blogger I have found that the best ways to bring in traffic are to post regularly (yes, it’s time consuming), and to use lots of tags that relate to your subject matter. Every time I post about a related but new topic, and supply new tags, I find I get a small traffic spike.
    Best of luck with the blog and the Opera!
    Amy Hengst


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