Pregnancy Lecture Series

Image by: Simona Balint

I’ve had some really great success with pregnant patients, and that area of need is one that I want to focus on. I have decided to do a monthly lecture on Pregnancy and Chiropractic, or methods of pain control during pregnancy, or breech presentations, or exercises for pregnant women, or…there are so many different topics that I could cover. I think the ideas will solidify as I do it, but I have decided to start.

FREE Pregnancy Workshop
Presented by Dr. Christopher Duncan
With Utah Doula of the year Heather Duncan

Every 4th Tuesday from 7-8PM (March 25, April 22, May 27, June 24)

Align Rehabilitation and Wellness Center

2230 No. University Pkwy., Suite 6B in Provo

To register and reserve your place call Align Rehabilitation & Wellness Center at 801-235-9944

I will be holding a free lecture and open discussion on the topic of pregnancy. I hope that it will bring in some new patients, but more importantly it will be informational.

I plan to bring in providers of all types. I want to form a pregnancy group. With chiropractic, OB/Gyn, massage therapists, doulas, birth educators, midwifes, etc. I want women to be able to come to any one of us with a concern and be able to get the help she needs without having to “try everything.” She should get the proper referral as soon as we know the problem.

That’s it! I will form the Utah Pregnancy Resource Group. Cancel that, I just looked it up online and apparently there is already a group called that here and they are an abortion information center. They call it being “dedicated to meeting the comprehensive needs of those unprepared for pregnancy.” Well perhaps they will accept help or at least refer those who do decide to be pregnant to my group. I just need a good name. Any ideas?


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