Acting, Dancing, Singing, and Playing

There are certain areas of my life where my desire to help is greater than others. I will happily open a door for you or help shovel your walk, but when it comes to wiping a child’s nose, I’ll do it because I love the child, but I’m not so keen. The same goes for my desires in chiropractic. I like to treat anyone and everyone who needs or wants to see a chiropractor. That’s why I became one, but some of the people I just have a special interest in.

I grew up in the military and have a strong sense of patriotism. I’d join the military as a chiropractor in a heartbeat if they would take me. I want to serve my country, and the soldiers who need my help. Alas the military is yet to act on it’s own good advice. That’s a different story for a different day. In the mean time, I really enjoy treating our soldiers and veterans when they come in. It gives me a sense of pride.

I also enjoy treating pregnant women. Due to an experience in my youth I discovered that I fear being unable to help. Pregnancy is one time where despite all of the support given a woman must ultimately walk alone. I was determined to be able to give all the help that I could to women in this beautiful situation. I became a prenatal massage therapist, and learned what I could do as a chiropractor to assist. So, I love treating pregnant women. It gives me a sense of fulfillment.

The last group of patients that I will talk about today is different. It is a joy for me to treat these people. It allows me to aid in bringing the finer things in life to people. I love to treat performance artists. It may not even be for the big injury. It may be that they just want to improve their ability to perform. It may be to save their career. What ever the reason I like being a part of their improved life. Performer’s lives are centered in entertaining and enriching ours. What is life without music, what is life without art. Dance, theater, music, and all types of art are expressions of the soul.

Today I treated a lady who used to be a ballerina of some note. She doesn’t dance anymore, but I could see that twinkle in her eye when she talked about her past performances. She was aware of the problems in her body, and took note of the improvement after my treatment. I have a friend who is an opera singer. When I adjust him he instantly starts singing, to see what happened. He smiles and tells me what improvement he feels in not only his posture and back, but also in his voice. Any improvement he can get is a blessing to him. He wants to be at his best, and I can do that. I can help performers be at their best.

My wife and I love going to performances of all kinds. We loved seeing “Wicked” and recently heard that it was coming to Utah. We have told our daughter about it and let her hear the soundtrack, and watch the Wizard of Oz. She loves it. She has so many questions, and her eyes lit up when we told her that we would take her to see it when it comes.

I have set myself a goal. I want to be able to be the chiropractor for the Touring Broadway group doing “Wicked” when it comes to Salt Lake City. If you know someone, and would like to help me please feel free to contact me about how I can fulfill this goal. Because I love to treat performers.


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