Emergency Chiropractic

In school I actually enjoyed the thought that I would never have to be on call or work in the ER as a chiropractor. However since becoming a licensed doctor I’ve realized two things; 1. you can’t escape what you are 2. I enjoy being available to help people.

Mostly it’s with family that I get calls about injuries and owwies, but I’ve had my share of neighbors knock on our door late at night. I’ve seen people who bent over and just can’t get up, moved too many boxes to be able to function, and even a jaw that hurts to open… “can you do anything to help?”

My brother called me worried about his son once. Apparently in the middle of a movie theater his son decided it was time to play and run, and in the commotion whacked his head. Well, in children his age bumps to the head can do funny things. In this case it swelled to the size of a softball. The bump that is, not his head. He called me and I calmly recommended they put some ice on it and just keep an eye on him for signs of a concussion, but that everything was probably just fine. If he hadn’t been pulling up to the ER at that moment he probably would not have gone. He was amused when the ER doctor told him exactly the same thing I had and sent them home. His son is doing just fine, and will probably bump his head many more times. I hope I can help then too.
I thought it would be a hassle to be disturbed in my leisure and called upon to utilize my profession. I suppose it could become so eventually, but instead I find myself happy, and even excited to be able to help. I know I’ve said before in my life that I got into this field because I never wanted to be unable to help. Now that I have the opportunities, I enjoy it more than I thought I would.

I thank God for the gifts of knowledge and healing, and pray that He will allow me to utilize those gifts often in the service of my fellow man.


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