What Can Chiropractic Do?

Chiropractic has many known benefits. I want to discover the unknown ones. Recently I have been given ideas for new studies. In particular what chiropractic can do for singers? Eric Hanson is an Opera tenor, and has been a good friend since High School. I have treated him many times. This week he came to visit for a recording he was doing. I treated him prior to a performance, and he mentioned that he sounded and felt better singing. So this week I’m going to come up with a proposal for a study that will determine some of the benefits of chiropractic to singers. It will be very interesting to see the results.

Elite athletes always want that extra edge. The sprinter needs that extra tenth of a second. The golfer wants that extra distance. The improved function that chiropractic provides can give that edge to the athlete. Why not performance artists. They are working just as hard as athletes for 8-10 hours a day on these very physiologically specific performances. I hope to be able to provide that extra edge to these performers.


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