Good News Happens Everyday

Good news happens in chiropractic everyday. Sometimes it is big world wide news, and sometimes it is very personal, but it happens everyday. Today in my office a patient was discharged. That is a good thing. I strive everyday to put my self out of business by helping improve the function of people. This particular patient was news because he was my first patient who did not speak English. It was difficult to communicate verbally (I had the help of a translator at times), but his body was able to communicate it’s problems to me. My Spanish is limited to the phrases, “point to where it hurts,” “lie face up,” and “lie face down.”

Despite the difficulty I enjoyed the challenge, and He appreciated my care. He came to me in pain and left fully functional, his pain gone, and a smile on his face. He shook my hand as he left my office and said in English, “Thank you, doctor.” What better news could I ask for?


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